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Comprehensive consultancy throughout the entire life cycle of the resort

The professional services that our consultancy team provide are oriented to help our clients throughout the entire life cycle of the resort.

This THR specialised division has carried out master plans for resorts and tourist areas on all continents and has participated directly in the search for investors on numerous occasions. Nowadays we continue to innovate and set trends in this field.

Usual client concerns:

  • Lack of a clear and distinct vision

  • Investment risk reduction

  • Product design optimisation

  • Difficulty in attracting sufficient and adequate investors and capital for the project

  • Inadequate or non-existing marketing strategies

  • Below-par management of resort operations

  • Low Profitability (ROI, ROA)

  • Etc.

Specialised services that Dream Resorts & Hotels offers to solve these problems:

  • Design of marketing strategy and value management system: design and maximisation of market value of unique resorts that offer unforgettable experiences.

  • Development and optimisation of business models: development of the nine components of the resorts' business model in order to optimise the investment's market value and profitability.

  • Explanatory and financial master plans: design of resorts' architecture and landscaping master plans as well as analysis of their profitability in diverse development scenarios (financial sensitivity, simulations, etc.) in order to optimise the investment model.

  • Search and selection of investors, promoters and operators: assurance of the project's success by searching for interest synergies amongst all the sector's key actors.

  • Shadow management: continuous support in management and decision making processes for resorts and hotels, thus ensuring high-level performance through the transfer of expert knowledge.